Friday, July 27, 2012


Okay, I know you all check my blog as often as you check Facebook or Twitter... hahaha totally kidding- I know I am NOT that exciting!! BUT, I wanted to let you know that my dog MAY have been found!! A police officer called after seeing a post on Craiglist, and said he found a dog matching her description!! We just have to go to the SPCA in the morning when they open to see if it is really her!! Keep your fingers crossed that my little baby gets to come home!!! :)



Hey Y'all!!
I am FINALLY starting to feel better... hell yeah! I need to stop acting like a 4 year old child, but I hate being sick... and I live by myself, so I don't even have anyone to take care of me :( Now that I am feeling better, I can't wait to get back to the gym!! I actually miss the feeling of "I'm gonna throw up, pass out or die in the next 3 seconds" when I finish working out! I know that I have accomplished something when I feel that shitty!! Hopefully I can report a loss this week, and then keep pushing it til so I can get the next 20 lbs gone!!

In other, totally unrelated news, my dog is missing! :( Since I am getting my masters degree, I live in Kentucky now, but my doggy lives with a friend in Ohio. My friend is on vacation, and the guy that was watching them (GRRRR- I don't like him now!!) says she got out between 6 and 7:30 last night! She has been gone for over 24 hours, and there has been some crazy storms... hail, thunder and lightning, the whole 9 yards! I bet she is so scared! Here is a picture of her when she went to live with my friend... it was right before Christmas!

I have posted her picture all over Facebook, and texted it to my friends, hopefully she turns up soon!!

Good luck this week!! Kick some ASS!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday...

Hey Y'all...
Bad News Bears this week... I have been totally MIA because I have been sick as a dog!!! I am pretty sure I only have one lung left because I coughed up the other one. Honestly I have just felt like SHIT for about 10 days! :( So, I did not have a successful Weigh In Today...
That SUCKS. That is a GAIN of 3 pounds. But, I kind of expected it. I turn into the biggest baby when I am sick, and I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want all week.

As you know, I LOVE Mama Laughlin! Her blog is AWESOME... check it out ~HERE~ and prepare to laugh your ass off and get super motivated!!!
I read today that she is starting a Facebook group! WOHOO! You can check that out ~HERE~  if you are interested!!!

I am hoping to kick this sickness soon, so I can get back to kickin some ass in the gym!!

I promise I won't be so MIA this week!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey Y'all! So... today was not really what I hoped, but here it goes... 
So, it was a gain. Bummer. Most have been all those amaretto sours I had at the wedding this weekend! I have to work all weekend, so I will be staying at school, so that means I will be able to go to my gym! I just need to focus on what I am eating!

Hope you have a great week!!

Here are a few pics from when we first started dating! :) We look like such little babies!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend!!

Hey Y'all! 
I promised pics from the wedding this weekend! I was SOOO excited but sooooo bummed at the same time!! I bought a gorgeous dress that I planned on wearing, and it was TOO big!!! Heck yes!!! But, then I had to search my closet for plan B!! I had a dress I bought a while ago that was too small... it would NOT zip! But, I tried it on and BAM! It zipped right up with no problem!! But, I didn't have any shoes to match because I planned on wearing my new dress!! So, I settled for a dress that I wore a couple weeks ago to another wedding, and it also zipped up without any problems! It was a little bit looser than the last time I wore it :) Anyways, here are the pics I promised!!!

My beautiful sister!!

The boyfriend

Momma and her girls :)

My cute little family!!
So, there you go!! I guess that is it for today... stay tuned for Weigh In Wednesday!! I am hoping that I get into the 170's!! :)

Have a good week!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

So, its Wednesday, and that means Weigh In Day!! So, here it goes!!
I lost the 2 pounds that I gained over my crazy 4th of July celebrations!! I am pretty happy with that! :) Of course, I would have liked to never gain those 2 pounds, but shit happens!

I have been really good this week with my workouts and eating... I seriously LOVE the app I am using! "My Fitness Pal" is the best app ever!! :)

Hope you all are having a great week! I have been lacking  on my pictures yet... I will take some new ones this weekend at the wedding :)


Monday, July 9, 2012

Blonde Moment

So, I have definitely had my fair share of blonde moments, and I have said some pretty stupid things.... but what I did today was pretty dumb!
As I am making a snack (little cheese bites), I look at the nutrition label and I read that a serving size is 13, and the calories in one serving is 130. Okay, so each piece is 10 calories. So, I put about 20 on a plate, thinking it was about 200 calories and pop them in the microwave. As they are cooking, I grab my phone to enter it into the My Fitness Pal app to add to my diary for the day. And what do I see? "Serving Size: 4 pieces" What the hell?! So I get the bag out and realize how blonde I really am. "Serving Size: 4 pieces" "Servings per bag: 13" DUHHHHH Lindsay!!! So, instead of 200 calories, I had made a snack that was 650 calories!! Almost half of my calories per day!!

So, a word of advice, make sure you read the nutrition labels carefully, or else you might be eating over 3 times the amount of calories you thought!!

I am gonna have to be VERY good the rest of the week and really hit the gym hard!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bitches at the Gym

Okay, I just got back from the gym and let me just tell you... I HATE bitches at the gym!! I realize I already posted today, but I am just SO annoyed right now!!

First thing: I'm here to workout... not look cute.
Second thing: I'm here to workout... not socialize.
Third thing: I'm here to workout!!!!!

So, I am at the gym, and I go to my usual elliptical, and there is a creepy old man that is next time to me and tries to start up a conversation. I am not trying to socialize... leave me alone. I put my earbuds in and get to work. Then, Homegirl comes and gets on the elliptical next to me, no earbuds, just a magazine. UGHHHHH. First off, I don't want you to listen to me gasp for air because I am fat and out of shape. Second off, if you are able to read Cosmo magazine while "working out" then you aren't doing a good job. PS. Homegirl is wearing FULL makeup and has her hair down and curled. REALLY?!? After 15 minutes I had enough of Creepy McCreepster and Homegirl, so I got off my FAVORITE machine to go run on a treadmill. I pick one all the way at the end so no one bothers me. Homegirl #2 comes in, literally passes 12 other available treadmills to get on the one RIGHT NEXT to me. For real?!? I just want to workout in peace! But, I look and she has earbuds so I just ignore her and keep going. She puts her earbuds into her phone and starts having a freaking conversation about some crazy party last night. REALLY?!? REALLY?! She is walking slower than a turtle and talking loud enough that I could hear everything she was saying, even with my earbuds in and TV turned up! Did I mention that Homegirl #2 ALSO has her hair down, curled and has on full makeup!! After another 10 minutes I just could not take it anymore and I just had to leave!!

I go to the gym to workout!! Not look cute!! I didn't shower today, hair pulled up, no makeup on... like NORMAL people!! I just don't get it!!

So, my workout was cut short because the bitches at the gym were annoying me, so I am hoping tomorrow is better!!

And if you want to hear another hilarious rant about bitches at the gym, check out THIS VIDEO by Jenna Marbles! She is hysterical!!


Weekend Damage

Okay, I finally took the plunge, and got back on the scale. After my wild week of drinking and eating, I only gained 2 pounds. I definitely thought I gained like 10!! I was pretty excited! Today, it is back on the wagon!! I am back at school, and I am actually excited about getting back into the gym today!!
I really need to work hard this week, one of my friends from childhood is getting married! I am pretty excited!! :) And, of course I want to look smokin' hott in my dress!!

Have a great week y'all!! :)


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

White Girl Wasted Part 2

Hey Y'all,
I realize its "Weigh In Wednesday" but its just not gonna happen today!! After the INTENSE partying I did last night to celebrate the 4th of July, I do not want to go anywhere near a scale!! YIKES! It was a crazy night, but I had soooooo much fun! I sat at Kris's softball games in the 100+ degree heat, then went to a party, outside in the 100+ degree heat... I actually might have sweated off all the calories I consumed!!! It was a fun night, but I am totally paying for it today... I feel like SHIT! I slept A LOT, and I am feeling better... I am going to have to hit the gym BIG time this week!! Good luck this week and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!