Friday, November 30, 2012

The Eyes of the Dark Cloud

Hey y'all!
I have finished my rotation at the hospital, so I actually have a little tiny bit of free time! Instead of 70 hour weeks, I will only be working 40 hour weeks! I am so excited!!

When I am not at the hospital, I work at the mall. It is a very interesting place! Haha! We see all kinds of crazy things! But tonight was different.

If you are a ML Fit Camper, you may have already seen my post about this... sorry if its a repeat!!

Tonight I was working at the mall, and went to get dinner. I am walking and minding my own business and BOOM. I got hit with a ton of bricks. I saw the man who almost ruined my life, and for the first time in 4 years and 10 months, eye contact was made. Not intentionally. My roofie vodka/OJ  maker was RIGHT there. I've known for a few weeks that he moved back to town, because I have seen him from a distance at the mall. But, he had never seen me, until tonight. Instantly a million thoughts flew through my mind. My first thought/feeling was embarrassment. I was embarrassed that I gained so much weight and he was seeing the "fat" me. But, just that quick, I changed that. I thought to myself how far I have come since that night. "I've lost almost 30 pounds, I am less than 6 months from getting my masters degree, I have amazing friends and family and an incredibly supportive boyfriend. This time is different. You will NOT get into my head again." So, I held my head up high and kept walking. I kept calm. I am not gonna lie, I REALLY wanted to punch him in the face and tell his girlfriend what a POS he is, but I kept walking.

If you are a Fit Camper, I want to say thank you. The amazing comments I received from all of you tonight made me realize how strong I am, and how much strength I get from you all! I have overcome so much, and I will continue to get stronger!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Half Marathon Update

Hey Y'all!
It's been a while since I have updated you on the whole half marathon thing! So, here's the update!

 I am slowly working to up my mileage!! When I first started, I was walking 3 minutes then running 2 minutes and I struggled all 3 miles!! Last night, I ran 2.5 miles and walked the last .5!! Here's a comparison...

The first picture is my first day of training when I was walk/running and the second picture is last night!

Have any of you tried this? I saw it at the grocery store and decided to give it a try! It's Gatorade Post-Game Protein... any thoughts? I drank some last night, and I did feel pretty good today!

 I also saw this at the grocery store, and it may be the death of me!

I was born and raised in Cincinnati so LaRosa's is my favorite!! And, I would cut off my left arm for their ravioli, and now it is sold in stores!! AHHH!! This is going to be a REAL test of will power!

There is the update :) ENJOY!

Stay tuned for a Weigh In soon!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey y'all!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I was off Thursday AND Friday... two days in a row... that hasn't happened in MONTHS!! I was able to go home and spend some time with my family! Here's some pics...

My precious Kayboo! Almost 5!


Me and the boyfriend (yes, you read boyfriend... we are back together!)

My glowworm in her jammies! She is WALKING!!

So, that was my Thanksgiving! I also spent some time with my mom's family! We went around the table and said what we are thankful for... my 4 year old cousin was thankful for "shark park hot wheels" which apparently he doesn't even have! Gotta love little ones!

 Friday night, Kris (read: boyfriend) took me to the Cincinnati Bearcats football game!! And they won!! And it was 29 degrees at kick off... we were facking freezing!!! Of course I have more pics!

Before the game!

At kickoff!
After the game... thawing out in the car!

Found my cousin, my cousin's husband and my uncle! And yes, I'm a conehead!
I also took my momma out for a run!! We did 3 miles in 40 minutes... we walked/ran the first 1.5 miles and walked the last 1.5! She did awesome and I was (am) so proud of her!!
We kicked some butt!!

I guess that's all for now! I finish my externship at the hospital on Wednesday, so I will have more time AKA you will get to read more of my ramblings!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nervous Breakdown and Random Drama

Hey y'all,
YES, I am still alive! I know its been a looooong time, but things have been insane! I basically had a breakdown... I work 70+ hours a week, 7 days a week, and taking classes... plus trying to keep up with my workouts and eating healthy, keeping in touch with my family and friends, and keeping up on my laundry and cleaning my apartment... I am not surprised I got a little overwhelmed!! So, my parents are FREAKING awesome, and came down to visit me and help me get my shit together :) aka cleaning my apartment, going grocery shopping, doing my laundry and hanging out with me! I felt a million times better!! Then came a little bit a craziness.... my grandma wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor who sent her immediately to the hospital for CTs scans of her head, which showed a 4 centimeter brain tumor. NOT OKAY! But, after a lot of tests and stress, the neurologist came to the conclusion that it was a meingioma, which is NOT cancer! Obviously its still not good to have a tumor, but it is not malignant! Basically, I've just been a bit of a basket case!

So, I have not been eating well or training for my half. But, that changes TOMORROW! This whole time change thing is REALLY messing with my running, because I get home around 6 and it is already dark! So, I am going to run on the treadmill at the gym on nights I don't get home at a decent time. I could really use some encouragement and motivation!

Thanks for being awesome! You guys are the best!!