Friday, March 8, 2013

Weigh In Friday, Dietbet, and New Workouts

Hey y'all!
Things have been going pretty well this week! I've been doing much better logging my food and getting my workouts in! So, the number...

So, a loss, not a huge loss, but I will take it! I FINALLY got back to the gym after like 3 weeks! I ran a mile in 10:30! My fastest mile ever! YES! I did another 1.7 on the elliptical. I wanted to keep going, but since it was my first day back, I didn't want to push myself too hard! I also went to a spin class this week! HOLY HELL BATMAN! That shit was no joke!! My legs are still sore! We also did about 10 minutes of abs after spin, so every time I laugh, I feel the soreness!

I joined my first Dietbet! Erin from She's A Big Star (check her out HERE) is the "host" and it was a $15 bet. I have to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks to be a winner. Everyone who loses their 4% gets to split the pot! So far, the pot is $3,735!! I have to lose about 7 pounds to be a winner! 

I also made my own workouts this week.  I got some dumbbells for Christmas, and I have been wanting to add some weightlifting to my routines. I checked Pinterest, and took pieces of different workouts to make them my own. I made 3 different workouts- arms, abs and legs. WOWZA. I have done the arms and the legs. I am so sore, but I LOVE the feeling because I can feel my body changing!

Now for some pictures from the week, and some motivational pictures!

First day back in the gym!
Arms- 3/6/13

Keep on truckin!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

13 in 2013 update

Hey y'all,
First thing... its Friday! That means weigh-in!
So, that means a gain of .6! But, I totally expected it this week. Here's the story- Monday, woke up feeling nauseous and had a fever, Tuesday decided to go to the doctor because I kept getting lightheaded/dizzy and my eyes would go completely black and I wouldn't be able to see! So, the doctor told me that I had a virus, and it was causing my blood pressure to drop and my heart rate to spike. Example- one minute I was 110/90 with a heart rate of 82. Next minute I was 90/66 with a heart rate of 130. And I wasn't exercising! HA! So, I googled the shit out of that because I have never heard of viruses causing blood pressure changes, and according to WebMD (who made me feel like I had a brain tumor or something), its true! Viruses can cause changes in blood pressure. But, that meant no running this week. Doc wanted me to "take it easy" and see if I could kick the virus. Well, that is NOT what I wanted to hear. My half is in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. And the farthest I have gone is 6 miles. I already knew this half wasn't going to be good, but now I am just gonna go, have fun and chalk it up to "experience" and cross it off my bucket list. I of course have been looking for my next one to redeem myself, which happens to be on my birthday! It is the Cincinnati Half Marathon and it goes around downtown Cincy. So, I have until October to KICK ASS.

Here is my list (so far) of my 13 in 2013: 

1. February 2-Valentine's Labor of Love Run 2.12 miles
2. March 17- Heart Half Marathon 13.1miles
3. May 5- Flying Pig Marathon Relay 5.16 miles
4. June 1- Redlegs Run 6.2 miles
5. July 4- Pray Hope Believe 5k 3.1 miles
6. August 24- Color Run 3.1 miles
7.  September 7- Mud Stache 3.1 miles
8.  September 14- Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 6.2 miles
9. October 19- Cincy Half 13.1 miles 
(9b- Some of my friends want to do the Ky Tough Mudder on October 20, but I would probably die trying to do it after my half!)
10. November 28- Thanksgiving Day Race 6.2 miles

Yes, I know that is only 10. I am still deciding on the last few! And, some of the ones I am interested in have not released their 2013 date yet! So, there it is. BOOM. 13 in 2013 bitches.

More updates- I totally forgot to add about my Labor of Love Run. The "official" results came out. I was 93 out of 215 overall, and 93 out of 182 females. Not too shabby for my first run! :)
I added up my miles from February- 26.5! Not as many as I wanted, but stupid knee pain and blood pressure crap kept me from lacing up and heading out! My goal for March is 45!! 

Sadly, I don't have any cool pictures to add this week. I was dying on the couch the first part of the week, and the second part of the week, I had a convention to go to for school. Pretty boring stuff.

So, instead, I will add this clip :) I freaking love this kid. For reals. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. At the very least, it will make you smile!


Go be awesome. And DANCE! 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 weeks and counting!!

Hey Y'all,
Things have been NOT going so well. AT ALL.
First, weigh in- my current weight is 166.6. So, I gained, but after all the crap the last 2 weeks, I am not surprised. 

Kris came down for Valentine's Day weekend, and we had a great time. We hung out, saw a movie, and went out to dinner. It was great. He got me a card, candy and roses. 3 roses to be exact- past, present, and future. He is such a sweetie!

After Kris left, I had a hard time getting back on the wagon. I didn't count calories, I barely worked out, and I did not get my water in. So, I hadn't been feeling well. I went to the doctor, and they said that I have a virus. Big whoop. But, the virus is causing my blood pressure to drop. For example, when I was there, my blood pressure was 110/90 and my pulse was 82. Then, it dropped to 90/66 and my pulse was 130. So, he recommended lots of fluid and REST. Which I DO NOT have time for. I have my half in less than 3 weeks, I have all my tests that determine if I graduate/get my license, and all my regular day-to-day shit. Yeah, I don't have time to REST.

My half is in less than 3 weeks and is pretty much gonna be a disaster. After my knee pain, and now this blood pressure crap, training has not gone as planned!! But, shit happens and I am just gonna roll with it :)

I went out with my girlfriends for the first time in a long time! I got called sweetheart, pretty and a guy bought me a drink! That hasn't happened, like EVER! I felt very good about myself :) 

Now, for some pictures :)

Night out with the girls!

My fav :)

My outfit for my night out with my girls
This used to be my FAVORITE sweater. I wore it all the time. Now, it looks like a dress!!

My Valentine Day gift from Kris

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh In Friday and Weekend Recap!

Hey y'all!
I know I didn't post for Weigh In Friday, but I was waiting until today so I could update you on how my first race went!!

First- Weigh In Friday!  I lost .8 pounds this week! Current weight is 165.6! That is a total of 33.4ish pounds since I have started! 

Now, if you remember, I have decided to do 13 races in 2013... and I am almost done finalizing my list! I will post it soon! But, today was my first race! It was a 2 mile run, a little hilly and SUPER freaking windy! Haha! It was actually 2.12 miles (they lied!) and my finishing time was 21:27! (My precious boyfriend recorded my finish! I am wearing black capris and a pink shirt! And yes, I know that the time says like 21:35, but there was a lot of people and I waited to start my watch when I actually crossed the start line! You can see me starting around 12 seconds!)  And I am SO freaking proud of that!! That is a 10:15 mile pace! WHAT?! My fastest before was around 11:00 so I am very happy with that time! :) My first mile was actually about 9:56! The 2nd mile was a little more uphill, so I was a little slower! But, I am SO excited, proud and happy!! It makes me want to run harder! "Official" results aren't posted yet, but I will definitely update you when I know!

When I registered for my half, I got a coupon for $10 off at a local running store! Since I had a rough week last week (if you are a MLFCer, then you know, but if not, here's the short version- Monday I had some knee pain while running, so I did yoga Tuesday and took the rest of the week off to rest and hopefully get rid of some pain before I ran today!), I decided it was time to invest in some new running shoes and actually get fitted for real, so I did! I am the PROUD new owners of some light blue Brooks Ghost 5s! (And, I got a sample size of body glide while I was there, my armband for my iphone has been rubbing a little, gonna see if that helps!)

So, overall, it was a good week, despite the knee pain! I lost .8 pounds, KICKED ASS at my race, and got new running shoes! Oh, and I sent in an application/resume for my very first big girl job!!!

pre race, distance, time and post race
Who ends a race uphill? I mean seriously?!
I earned this shirt!

New Brooks Ghost 5s! And BodyGlide!
Application/Resume- this shit is official!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm going CRAZY

Hey y'all...
I'm gonna be honest. I am BORED out of my freaking mind! We had a snow day yesterday, and I got called off work due to the weather, so I have been stuck inside my apartment for 48 hours! I have spent some time cleaning and doing homework, but I am going stir crazy! My cable is acting a fool, and keeps freezing, so I can't even watch TV!

So, what else have I done? Check the MLFC page, of course! And, I read about Jillian's podcasts. So, I decided to take a listen... and I am HOOKED!! I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels (don't we all?) because of her DVDs and The Biggest Loser, but I am seeing (read: hearing) a WHOLE new side of JM! I have been listening to them as I do dishes, clean, and scroll through Facebook. She is actually pretty funny! A lot of the MLFC girls listen to the podcasts as they run or workout, and I think I would get so distracted listening, that I would forget that I was even working out!

Just wanted to share my new discovery! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weigh In Friday and January Recap

Hey y'all!

It's FRIDAY! And, I don't have a Friday outfit pic for you... because I have a SNOW DAY and I am in a baggy t-shirt and Kris's sweatpants, no makeup and my hair is pulled up! It's really not that cute, I promise... you aren't missing anything too exciting!

WEIGH IN- 166.4! That means a 1.4 pound loss for the week! Every single day I am feeling better and better, both physically and mentally! And I have no plans of stopping any time soon!! " Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." Legally Blonde anyone?
I had a HUGE accomplishment this week and I am still SO proud of myself!
Yes, 6 freaking miles! That is the farthest I have ran in a LONG time! Like 5-6 years!! We had some freak KY weather this week, so I ran outside in the 70 degree weather (that was Tuesday, today is Friday and its 16 degrees!) and it was AWESOME! I loved it! The first three miles were a bit of a struggle, and I REALLY had to convince myself to keep going! My biggest problem when I am running is that I have an inner battle with myself. Half of me is saying "You're tired. Did you just feel that? I think you hurt your ankle. You should go home." And the other half is saying "Don't listen to that stupid fat bitch. She wants you to quit, but you are gonna prove people wrong and kick ass at your half marathon. You aren't tired and your ankle doesn't hurt, she's just making that up. Keep going and prove to everyone that has called you fat the last 5 years that you are stronger than them!"  At mile 3, I really wanted to just take a shortcut and walk back, but I knew my MLFC ladies would want me to keep going! So, I did just that, even though my Pandora went crazy and switched to playing classic rock and metal instead of Jock Jams that I was jamming to!! And, I ran 6.13 miles in 1 hour 12 minutes! I know that is not breaking any speed records, but I freaking did it and that is good enough for me!! 

January Recap- 
  • Total Weight Lost- 6.4 pounds
  • Total Miles Ran- 24 miles
  • Total # of Workouts-  9 
I didn't do as well/as much as I wanted, but I was in the middle of moving and starting school, so it was a little hectic! February WILL be better! I made a calendar today of my workouts for February. My half training is a little off because I wasn't motivated and kept pushing things off, so I adapted it to fit my timeline! 44 days til my half!!

 And I can't leave you without a few pictures!


Kate, one of my favorite MLFC members and my favorite Aussie, asked us to participate in a virtual 5k to help her celebrate Aussie Day! I LOVE Kate, and thought she deserved more than just 3.1 miles, so I ran 5 miles, because she is SO inspiring!!

MFP was teasing me this week! But that would be AMAZING!

WOHOO! MY big 6 mile run!

 As Kate would saying, "keep on keepin' on babes! mwah!!" 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Weigh In and I SURVIVED!

Hey y'all!
So, this was a rough week for me! If you've been reading my blog, you know the "reasons" that I gained weight. If you haven't been reading, you can read about it {HERE}!! For the short version, I was drugged and sexually assaulted by a "friend" during my freshman year of college. This past week was 5 years since my attack. I ALWAYS get a little weird this time of year... I have gotten so much better, but I still get a little freaked out! So, this wasn't the best week for eating healthy and working out. And I was a PMSing super bitch who wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight!!

BUT, I did lose .8 pounds this week! HELL YEAH!! That brings my current weight to 167.8!

And I don't have any cool pictures or anything this week, but I did screenshot a picture that Dolvett (one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser) posted on Instagram! 

 Have a GREAT weekend and remember, it is NEVER too late!!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Hey y'all!
I hope you all have had a great week! I started student teaching this week and I am loving it! It is so much more laid back than the hospital, and I get to leave at 3:30, so I am home by 3:45! SO much better than when I used to get home from the hospital at 6! The kids are so cute! My school is Pre-K through 5th grade! And they say the funniest thing! One of my kiddos said "damn" and immediately covered his mouth because he knew it was wrong! It took all I had not to laugh! And, one of my first graders thought I was 7 years old! They are so cute!

So, weigh in this morning was GREAT! :) 168.6! That is a 2.4 pound loss for the week! HECK YES! And, I FINALLY broke into the 160's!! Watch out 150's! I'm coming for you!!

I ate well all week and got at least 80 oz of water every day (most days were closer to 100!) and I finally feel like my body has adjusted to drinking so much water because I don't feel like I am walking to the bathroom every 15 minutes!

Workouts were a little harder to get in this week... I had lots of meetings and paperwork to complete during my first week of teaching! (And I registered for GRADUATION! HELL YES!) But, I did move up to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2!! It is NO joke! WHEW! It was pretty hard, but I felt great after doing it!!

 Now, some pictures from the week!

Same clothes and pose-10 months later, 31.4 pounds, and 3 pants sizes!

Friday outfit... first time I have felt CUTE in my clothes in a long time!

I am FINALLY feeling like I am seeing results and it makes me want to push even harder!

Good luck this weekend! They are always the toughest for me, but I have come this far... I WILL keep going!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reality Check

Hey Y'all!

First thing...
That means a .6 loss for the week! I WILL TAKE IT!!!

Second thing...
I've been doing pretty good this week... I've been drinking at least 80 oz of water (most of the time I have been closer to 100!), eating within my calories (for the most part) and trying to get my workouts in! I officially moved back to school this past week (for the LAST time EVER!!) so its been a little hectic with packing/unpacking and working! And, everyone wanted to see me before I left for school, so that means a lot of eating out! But, I really tried to plan my calories for the day if I knew I was going out for dinner! Workouts consisted of running, 30 DS and elliptical. Like I said, I didn't get to workout as much as I wanted to, but with work and moving, I was limited on time!

Reality Check...
It is time to be 100% honest. Since I was a runner in high school (cross country and track), I really thought that I would be able to pick up this whole running thing a lot easier. I still have EVERY intention of running my half marathon March 17th, but I am making more realistic goals for myself. Running the whole thing at a 10 min/mile pace is not realistic. I am going to just do my best, even if that means taking little walking breaks. I will still be so PROUD of myself when I finish, because I know that I will have accomplished something that millions of people wouldn't even dare to attempt. I am going to enjoy it and have fun, instead of stressing about my pace. The longer it takes me, the more time I will have to HAVE FUN!! I am not running it to be competitive or get the best time for my age group. I am running it because I want to push myself farther than I ever thought possible! So, if I don't get a stellar time, I am going to be just fine with that! I am going to HAVE fun!! That is what it is all about anyways right? Not everything has to be a competition!!

And here are some pictures from the past week!! :) 

1.83 miles- first time running outside in FOREVER!

3.91 miles- struggled a little on mile 3!

Bought this calendar for $3.70! It has a lot of great tips!

It is not about crash diets, it is about changing your lifestyle!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hey y'all!
I have been at my parents' house for the holidays and left my computer at my house! BUT, I'm back bitches!! I know you all have been wondering where the hell my lazy ass has been!!

  • Current Weight: 171.6
  • I SUCKED ass the month of December!
  • Motto for 2013: NEW YEAR, NEW ME!
  • 13 in 2013: I've decided I am going to do 13 races/runs in 2013!
  • I cut all my hair off and dyed it brown (pics to come!) 
  • Kris and I are back together :) and happier than ever!! 
Okay, there is the quick and dirty version... Now here's the details!

Lesssssbeeehonesttttt.... I tried and tried in 2012 and FAILED every time. 30 Day Shred challenge... FAIL. No pop... FAIL. December plank/squat challenge... FAIL.  SO, 2013- NEW YEAR, NEW ME! I AM going to kick ass this year. It's happening!!!!!!!!!!!!
So far, I have had NO pop, done 4 days of the 30 Day Shred on top of going to the gym/running! I have logged EVERYTHING into myfitnesspal and I AM going to continue it!! And, I am going to write at least weekly to all you lovely readers :)

13 in 2013- I'm still working on compiling a list... but it will include the half marathon I already signed up for, and I'm doing the Flying Pig Marathon as a relay with 3 other people! I will post the races/runs when I finalize my list! 

HAIR- yes, I cut it all off and dyed it brown... what's the big deal? Haha!

KRIS- Yes, me and the crazy kid are back together... after a lot of conversations, we made a decision to start over. I feel like we are in a totally different relationship (instead of the relationSHIT we were in!) now and it is AWESOME! We have a new little routine (his idea, not mine!) that we give each other a compliment/say something we love about the other person every morning and every night! He can be a jackass, but that is a pretty damn sweet idea :)

Now, here's a million pictures to catch you up on my life the past month!!

Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

brunette debut

Happy New Year!

Totally sober NYE! ;)

Before 30 DS

Before 30 DS