Thursday, June 28, 2012

Progression Picture!

Hey guys! I promised y'all that I would put up a progression pic... so here it is!! Starting weight was 199 and I am down to (technically 180, but close enough for pics!) 179! The starting pic was taken when I went hiking with my sister, and the current pic is from just now! I just got home from the gym, so I'm sweaty and gross and my face is bright red, but you get the idea!!
Today I spent about 30 minutes on the elliptical! WOHOO! And even more exciting news, speech camp is OVER! Now y'all don't have to listen to me bitch about it anymore!!

Have a great end of the week! It's almost the weekend!! :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Today is the big day! Drum Roll please....

That is a total loss of 19 pounds!! I can't wait until I can finally say that I have lost 20 pounds! I am getting so close! 20 pounds was my first goal, so once I reach that goal, I am going to set another goal! I am feeling pretty good about my weight loss so far!! I will post some before and after pictures soon!

Have a great rest of the week!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grad School is NO fun!

Hey all,
I know I have been complaining about speech camp, but this is the last week! Only 2 more days until I get to go back to having a life!! I am so excited! And, I am off from work and school Sunday thru Wednesday, so I get to go home and spend a little time with the family! My sister will be gone for a couple days... she is going to visit her military boyfriend in NC, and I have NO plans except to lay out by the pool and relax!! Okay, and get a shit ton of homework done because that NEVER ends!!

This past weekend was pretty busy for me! I had 2 birthday parties and a house warming party! One of my little nephews turned 1! He was so cute! Here is a pic of Kris and my little man Rylan! And one of me and Ry!

He is such a happy little guy! And always smiling!!

Even with all the parties, I did a good job with planning ahead and staying in control of my calories! I think it is so hard to do that at parties! Especially when there are lots of yummy finger foods! But, I was pretty proud of myself :)

Stayed tuned for Weigh In Wednesday Tomorrow!!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday went better than last week! I lost 1 pound this week, so I am down to 183! I've been in a rut lately, but hopefully I will break out of it soon! We have one more week of Speech Camp, then I will have SIGNIFICANTLY more free time, so I will be able to get back to the gym, instead of just doing my at home workouts! If I am at the gym, I feel like I work out a little longer than I do when I am at home... when I am at home, I am more likely to quit early, but if I am at the gym, I want to make the drive worth it!! One of my friends is getting married in about 3 weeks, and we have been friends since grade school! A lot of friends will be there that I haven't seen in a while, so I really want to push hard the next 3 weeks so I can look AWESOME at the wedding! :)

Totally unrelated, but my phone broke Friday, so I went to get a new one, and I decided on the iPhone 4, and I downloaded "My Fitness Pal" and let me say, it is an AWESOME app if you are looking for a way to log your food and exercise!! It is also a website, so you can log in online if you don't have your phone! Here is the LINK!!! Check it out!!

Good luck the rest of the week!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been SO stressed with school, that I needed to have a little fun this weekend! I was a good girl on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and did LOTS of homework and reading, so Saturday night I could have fun!! Kris had a softball tournament, so I spent a few hours at the softball field, which I actually love! I feel like a proud parent when I watch Kris play! The other wives/girlfriends go to socialize, but I get really into the games! After the game, Kris and I went to b-dubs, just the two of us, and sat outside on the patio! It was really great to spend some time with him! I go to school 2 hours away, and I have been so busy so I haven't gotten to talk to him much lately! Then, Sunday, we had some family over to grill out! My grandma found some really old pictures, so it was fun to look through them!
I didn't get a workout in this weekend, but I am okay with it! Sometimes you just need a break from all aspects of life, for your sanity! I feel very refreshed and ready to begin another week!! Here is a pic from my little date night with Kris!
And here is a throwback for Father's Day!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Sorry I am a day late... speech camp is exhausting!! I have been so busy trying to get things ready for camp and also get all my homework for my other classes! WHEW!!

So, I was a little nervous getting on the scale yesterday morning... I had a little too much fun this weekend!! But, I was pretty happy when I saw 184!! I would prefer a loss, but at least I didn't gain!!

Speech camp is done for the week... just 2 more weeks to go!! I don't have any plans this weekend, except to catch up on homework!! And of course spend some time with my Daddy for Father's Day!

Have a good weekend!! :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

White Girl Wasted

My sister graduated from college, so we had a party for her at my parents' house this weekend! Her favorite color is pink, so I searched all over the Internet for a fun pink drink to make! I found a drink called "pink cotton candy" and I just tweaked it to make it my own :) Here is my fabulous recipe!!
1 fifth (750 mL) of Vodka (any kind!)
1 fifth (750 mL) of amaretto
3 cans of pink lemonade (mixed with water, follow directions on cans!)
Cut some lemon slices to float on top!

That is it! It is DELICIOUS!! And deadly! You can't taste any alcohol, so be careful! But it was a HUGE hit!! Almost everyone wanted the recipe!! :)

We had a great time! Tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday! It has been a crazy week! I am a graduate student in Communication Disorders, and we have a speech camp every summer! I am with the 7 to 11 year olds! We have lots of different special needs, and I love it! I am having a great time and learning a lot, but I am also exhausted!!

I will talk to y'all tomorrow!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday!!

HOLY SHIT Y'ALL!! I stepped on the scale this morning, totally excepting a gain... and you will NEVER guess what I saw!! Drum Roll Please......
That is a 5 pound LOSS y'all!! I guess Jack in the Box, In and Out Burger and Mexican food isn't so bad after all!! Haha, not really!!

I have been REALLY good this week so far with my workouts and eating! The summer schedule at my gym does not really work with my schedule this week, so I have been doing a lot of stuff at home... here is what I did last night, and I loved it!

I found this on pinterest... and if you are not on pinterest, I totally suggest you check it out!! I LOVE the fitness section... there are workout plans, diet plans, tips and lots of blogs!! Check it out HERE!!

Speaking of pinterest, I used a recipe from pinterest to make dinner last night!! I tweaked it, but it was delicious!! They are called crescent rollups! Here is the RECIPE!! And here is a picture of my delicious dinner!
I used crescents, 2% milk string cheese, and Ragu pizza sauce! I put half a string cheese on the crescent and half a spoonful of pizza sauce, then rolled them up, and popped them in the oven for about 12 minutes! And BAM! You are done! My recipe was 580 calories, which isn't too bad for dinner! I just planned accordingly all day!

And, I promised I would tell you about my first smoothie making experience... and I suck. Actually the last person to use my blender sucks. They didn't screw the pieces together all the way, so as soon as I turned it on, I had yogurt and fruit EVERYWHERE. I chalked it up to a loss, and I plan on trying again tomorrow!! I am thinking strawberry/blueberry!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Grocery Adventure!!

Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I am the PICKIEST eater in the whole world. No really, I am. I don't eat meat, fruits or veggies... so what do I eat? Pasta, cheese, peanut butter, pizza... that about covers it. There are a few exceptions... I have been eating sandwiches with turkey and cheese (occasionally!!), and I love green beans and mashed potatoes!

SOOOOOO, as you can see, this is a major problem. My cousin in a dietitian, so I have recruited her to help me stop acting like a 3 year old child, and finally start eating the things that I need to keep my body healthy!! Today, I went to the grocery store, feeling very overwhelmed! I had looked up recipes for smoothies and bought some ingredients that I need to make them. And, I also bought a couple fruits to try. For my smoothies I bought: fat free plain yogurt, frozen fruit combos (one was strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and the other was peaches, apples and kiwi) and vanilla extract. I already had chocolate syrup and peanut butter. For my new fruits to try, I got granny smith apples, strawberries and blueberries! I also bought lemons... not to eat of course, but to add to my water for a little flavor... 100 oz a day can get a little boring without some flavor!

I plan to make a smoothie tonight for dinner... I will let y'all know how it goes when I post tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday! I still haven't looked at the scale since my trip... but I got a really good workout in last night, and I plan to work even harder tonight! Gotta get back on track!!

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? What is it?


Monday, June 4, 2012

Back from SUNNY Arizona!!

H Y'all! I hope you have had a great week!! I just got back from beautiful Phoenix, Arizona! I went with my boyfriend and his family for his grandma's 80th birthday! We had a great time seeing family we don't get to see very often!!

We left Wednesday, but I did Weigh In before I left... lost one pound! Better than a gain! :) So I am down to 189... I have been afraid to weigh myself since I got back... too much Mexican food and margaritas!! But, I started back to school today, so it is back to my routine of the gym and counting calories! A very dear friend of mine is getting married in the middle of July, so I want to look smokin' hott for the wedding!

Here are a few pics from my trip!!
Happy Hour with Aunt Mary and my not official sister-in-law!

Yes, this is the tub at grandma's house for her 80th birthday party!!

DEEEEEEELICIOUS chocolate martini from Carrabba's!

First time seeing a real cactus!!

Boyfriend and I on our last day! (AKA sooooo hungover!)
And that's all folks!! Good luck this week, and if you fell off the wagon like I did, let's make this a good NEW week!!