Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kick My Ass, PLEASE!!

Hey y'all!
I am going to be honest. I SUCK this week. I haven't ran all week and I have eaten pizza hut and mcdonalds!! and I drank pop today! No good!! And, I am behind on the squat/plank challenge!! If you haven't seen that yet... here is the schedule!

Tomorrow is a new day, and I really need to kick butt! I did get all my Christmas shopping done, so I was somewhat productive the past few days!

So, with you all as my witnesses, I am getting my ass back in gear!!! I started using My Fitness Pal again too, so if you are my friend on there, kick my ass!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Eyes of the Dark Cloud

Hey y'all!
I have finished my rotation at the hospital, so I actually have a little tiny bit of free time! Instead of 70 hour weeks, I will only be working 40 hour weeks! I am so excited!!

When I am not at the hospital, I work at the mall. It is a very interesting place! Haha! We see all kinds of crazy things! But tonight was different.

If you are a ML Fit Camper, you may have already seen my post about this... sorry if its a repeat!!

Tonight I was working at the mall, and went to get dinner. I am walking and minding my own business and BOOM. I got hit with a ton of bricks. I saw the man who almost ruined my life, and for the first time in 4 years and 10 months, eye contact was made. Not intentionally. My roofie vodka/OJ  maker was RIGHT there. I've known for a few weeks that he moved back to town, because I have seen him from a distance at the mall. But, he had never seen me, until tonight. Instantly a million thoughts flew through my mind. My first thought/feeling was embarrassment. I was embarrassed that I gained so much weight and he was seeing the "fat" me. But, just that quick, I changed that. I thought to myself how far I have come since that night. "I've lost almost 30 pounds, I am less than 6 months from getting my masters degree, I have amazing friends and family and an incredibly supportive boyfriend. This time is different. You will NOT get into my head again." So, I held my head up high and kept walking. I kept calm. I am not gonna lie, I REALLY wanted to punch him in the face and tell his girlfriend what a POS he is, but I kept walking.

If you are a Fit Camper, I want to say thank you. The amazing comments I received from all of you tonight made me realize how strong I am, and how much strength I get from you all! I have overcome so much, and I will continue to get stronger!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Half Marathon Update

Hey Y'all!
It's been a while since I have updated you on the whole half marathon thing! So, here's the update!

 I am slowly working to up my mileage!! When I first started, I was walking 3 minutes then running 2 minutes and I struggled all 3 miles!! Last night, I ran 2.5 miles and walked the last .5!! Here's a comparison...

The first picture is my first day of training when I was walk/running and the second picture is last night!

Have any of you tried this? I saw it at the grocery store and decided to give it a try! It's Gatorade Post-Game Protein... any thoughts? I drank some last night, and I did feel pretty good today!

 I also saw this at the grocery store, and it may be the death of me!

I was born and raised in Cincinnati so LaRosa's is my favorite!! And, I would cut off my left arm for their ravioli, and now it is sold in stores!! AHHH!! This is going to be a REAL test of will power!

There is the update :) ENJOY!

Stay tuned for a Weigh In soon!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey y'all!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I was off Thursday AND Friday... two days in a row... that hasn't happened in MONTHS!! I was able to go home and spend some time with my family! Here's some pics...

My precious Kayboo! Almost 5!


Me and the boyfriend (yes, you read boyfriend... we are back together!)

My glowworm in her jammies! She is WALKING!!

So, that was my Thanksgiving! I also spent some time with my mom's family! We went around the table and said what we are thankful for... my 4 year old cousin was thankful for "shark park hot wheels" which apparently he doesn't even have! Gotta love little ones!

 Friday night, Kris (read: boyfriend) took me to the Cincinnati Bearcats football game!! And they won!! And it was 29 degrees at kick off... we were facking freezing!!! Of course I have more pics!

Before the game!

At kickoff!
After the game... thawing out in the car!

Found my cousin, my cousin's husband and my uncle! And yes, I'm a conehead!
I also took my momma out for a run!! We did 3 miles in 40 minutes... we walked/ran the first 1.5 miles and walked the last 1.5! She did awesome and I was (am) so proud of her!!
We kicked some butt!!

I guess that's all for now! I finish my externship at the hospital on Wednesday, so I will have more time AKA you will get to read more of my ramblings!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nervous Breakdown and Random Drama

Hey y'all,
YES, I am still alive! I know its been a looooong time, but things have been insane! I basically had a breakdown... I work 70+ hours a week, 7 days a week, and taking classes... plus trying to keep up with my workouts and eating healthy, keeping in touch with my family and friends, and keeping up on my laundry and cleaning my apartment... I am not surprised I got a little overwhelmed!! So, my parents are FREAKING awesome, and came down to visit me and help me get my shit together :) aka cleaning my apartment, going grocery shopping, doing my laundry and hanging out with me! I felt a million times better!! Then came a little bit a craziness.... my grandma wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor who sent her immediately to the hospital for CTs scans of her head, which showed a 4 centimeter brain tumor. NOT OKAY! But, after a lot of tests and stress, the neurologist came to the conclusion that it was a meingioma, which is NOT cancer! Obviously its still not good to have a tumor, but it is not malignant! Basically, I've just been a bit of a basket case!

So, I have not been eating well or training for my half. But, that changes TOMORROW! This whole time change thing is REALLY messing with my running, because I get home around 6 and it is already dark! So, I am going to run on the treadmill at the gym on nights I don't get home at a decent time. I could really use some encouragement and motivation!

Thanks for being awesome! You guys are the best!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letters to Myself

I have seen this on a few other blogs, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I am probably way late to the party, but better late than never!

Dear high school me,
You don't have to be part of the popular crowd to have fun. You are gonna make some pretty great friends! Don't feel like you need to compromise yourself for friends. I know you are stressing already, but take a chill pill! ENJOY high school! Life is about more than just school and good grades! Have some fun! And listen to your cross country coach... I know you won't want to run on Sundays, but go for a short run... just get those legs moving! Don't worry about your basketball coach. He's a douche bag. BUT, when you get to start for Senior Night, TAKE THAT FIRST SHOT OF THE GAME!! You're gonna hit a 3 and everyone is going to be so freaking excited for you! And, its your last game that you will get to play in, so take advantage of it, and give those coaches the evil eye... they deserve it!! Break up with that boyfriend before Senior Trip... he's gonna make you miserable all week, and break up with you after you get back, so its not worth it!!
Love, 24 year old me

Dear college freshman me,
I know that stupid 6 hour honors class makes you want to cry, but you're gonna do fine and get an A! Relax and just do your best! And, spend more time with your roommate... she is a sweetheart and will help you through A LOT the next 2 years!! Go ahead and join that sorority... you are gonna make some REALLY amazing friends!! Keep running! You know you love to hate it, and it clears your head!!  PLEASE do not go out that Sunday night. I know there is no class Monday for MLK day, but STAY HOME. TERRIBLE things are going to happen to you and you will NEVER be the same. Just trust me!! And, in case you do not listen to me, and go out anyways, you need to go the hospital and police station that night. Stand up for yourself. You are a victim, but YOU have the strength to overcome anything!! Your family and friends are going to carry you through the next few months, so don't worry, you ARE going to be okay!!
When that cute guy from work asks you to go out downtown, shock the hell out of him and say YES! You will have an AMAZING time and fall in love. I wish I could tell you how that ends, but it gets really rocky for a while. But, you are strong!!
24 year old me

Dear college junior me,
I know how much school sucks right now. It is pretty much kicking your ass. BUT, remember to go out and have fun! You are WAY too hard on yourself!! You will get close with a group of classmates... stay with them and you will do great!
You are still with that cute guy from work, but remember to have your own life too! You don't need to go home every weekend to see him! Stay in touch with all your sorority sisters... you are going to need them in a few years!! Keep on keepin' on girlfriend! You will do great in school, just stay on top of it! And, I know you noticed that you have gained quite a few pounds, so get your butt to the gym before you totally spiral out of control! Even if its just a few days a week!! And, stop drinking so much Sunkist! It has the same amount of sugar as 17 cookies! NOT GOOD!! Stay close with your parents and sister! They are awesome and will always be there for you!!
24 year old me


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updates and BIG announcement!!

Hey y'all!
Things have been SO busy since I last posted! I have LOTS of pictures to prove it! :)

Okay, first thing... My current weight is....
Yeahhhhh buddy!! :) Definite LOSS! 

Since my last post.... I was in the hospital, had my birthday, been working 65+ hour weeks, and started studying for comps AND my BIG announcement! 

chugging cranapple juice!
So, first came the hospital adventure. Last Monday, I was not feeling good at all. I called in sick and went to the doctor... long story short, they did a urine analysis and said I had a high white blood count and high bilirubin. Yeah, okay, whatever... rest, drink fluids blahh blahh. She wanted me to go back Friday to be retested. Okay, cool. Tuesday morning... I felt like someone stabbed me in the lower back with an machete. I went to work, and STRUGGLED! So, my "boss" insisted I go to the ER... convenient  since I am working at a hospital! My mom also called and said she and my dad were really concerned, so I told her I was on my way to the ER and she was happy that I was going.  Diagnosis- pyelonephritis, AKA kidney infection. They give me a 2 week round of antibiotics and send me on my way. 

A few friends and I decided to go to the Corey Smith concert for my birthday! We had a great time! And I drank plenty... and I know that because we ended up at Taco Bell at the end of the night!! Here are a few pics... 
pretty pledge sis!

i may or may not have drank these ;)

ladies :)

stupid underage biotch! you can't see it, but her thong was showing the entire time! she finally moved after 15 minutes!!


 Since all of that craziness, I have been working 7 days a week... usually about 65 hours... sometimes more! And, taking online classes, and studying for comps, and working out, and trying to have a life, and trying to keep my house clean... the list continues!! 

If you are part of Mama's Fit Club, then you may already know this! :) I have decided to run a half marathon!! I signed up this weekend! I am beyond excited about it!! And, it just so happens that it is exactly one year after I started my weight loss journey!! March 17, 2013! :) I officially started training last night!

 I am running the American Heart Association Mini Marathon Half Marathon! Last night, I ran 3 miles in less than 39 minutes... not quite as good as my old high school cross country days, but not too shabby for my first run in 5 years! I am so excited! And, I can't wait to share my training ups and downs with you all! :) 



Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Fesitvities

Ohhhh ladies! This was a WILD weekend! As you know, I am in grad school at the same place that I did my undergrad... yep on year 6 in the same small town. Homecoming was this weekend, which means everyone and their brother was in town. And of course that means all my friends (that have actually moved on with their lives) were in town. I didn't work out, I ate like shit, and I drank like a 70 year old alcoholic. Like an entire fifth. To myself. In like 5 hours. We started around 11 and I was pretty much dead at about 4:30. The game plan was to go tailgate then nap and then make it out to the bars. One of the six of us made it. We are getting old. But, we had a HELL of a time!!

So, after the shitshow this weekend, I was expecting to step on the scale this morning and see a 5+ lb gain. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...... 3 pound LOSS! HELL YES!

I am getting back on the wagon this week. My Fitness Pal and JM all week. I'm ready!!

Here's a few pics from my drunken weekend!!

Future bridesmaids... if I don't turn into the crazy cat lady!!

DZ pledge sisters

Most of the ladies!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

JM 30 DS

I am letting you all know the update.... JILLIAN MICHAELS IS A BITCH!! Haha, for real though, the 30 DS is going great! I finally learned to mute her and crack my itunes!! Today was the first day that I was pretty sore (I'm on level 1 day 4) but not so much that I can't barely walk! I have been really good so far this week with my calories and I haven't missed a Shred day yet!! I usually do it right at 6 when I get home from the hospital and my sister is free, then I eat dinner and get some shit done and go to bed! I am usually pretty worn out!! Here is the pic of me and my skinny bitch sister right after finishing Day 3!

In other (probably REALLY gross to some of you) news, I got to observe surgery today at the hospital! HOLY SHIT Y'ALL. First, let me tell you... I DO NOT DO BLOOD AND GUTS. I repeat... I DO NOT DO BLOOD AND GUTS. I pass out every time I get a damn IV! You would think I would be used to it by now with all the recent surgeries I have had, but I STILL pass out every time. So, why the HELL did I think I would be able to handle surgery?!? I figured I would give it a shot and if I felt like shit, I could leave. It was a totally laryngectomy (aka taking out the "voice box" and moving your wind pipe up so you can breathe through a hole in your neck) on a guy that I have been following for quite a while. I was there with him and his wife when they found out his cancer was back... he had tried chemo and radiation already. I had scrubs, hair net, face mask, shoe covers... the whole 9 yards!!!  The surgeon was freaking AWESOME. He is also a teacher at a nearby university, so once he took the larynx out he was pointing out all the structures... it was awesome!! BUT, let me tell you... that shit is freakin nasty, for real! There was blood and cancer all over the place!! It was a GREAT learning experience, and I am so glad I did it, but it is definitely something I wouldn't want to do every day!! I handled it WAY better than I thought I was going to!! I didn't get queasy or pass out! SO PROUD of myself!!

I will spare you guys all the nasty details, but if you ever have the opportunity to observe surgery, I totally suggest you take advantage!! I wanted to take a picture all scrubbed up for y'all, but I didn't have my phone! Another one of my patient's is having the same surgery later this month, maybe I will suck it up and go watch, just so I can get a scrub pic for y'all!

Keep on truckin' ladies!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday and BEFORE pics!

Hey y'all! The number....

So, that means a loss! WOHOO! I mentioned last week that I had Girls Night coming up, AND the JM 30 DS challenge!!

First, Girls Night was a freaking blast. Our hotel had a FREE happy hour... and I definitely took advantage!! I had 9 amaretto sours and a few shots of Yager BEFORE we even went to the bar. White Girl Wasted FOR SURE. But, I wanted one last big hoorah before I recommitted myself to working out and eating healthy!!
All the ladies right before leaving for the bars!

Me and the best friend!
Okay, now for the important things... I have started tracking my calories again using the best app EVER... My Fitness Pal. I freakin love it! And, I have started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred... I took pics and measurements before starting... you may need to shield your eyes for this next picture!!
top left= measurements
top right= right before I started
bottom left= front view
bottom right= side view
YIKES! I can't believe I am posting this for ALLLLL the world to see!!! 
Keep kickin' ass! Jillian is definitely kickin' mine!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Weigh In and CHALLENGE!!

Yes, it's Friday. I know. Y'all should know by now that being on time is not really my thing :)

So, not a loss, but not a gain. Ehh..... I guess I'll take it. 

Starting Monday, October 1, I am getting my ass back in gear. FOR REAL this time. 30 Day Shred Mama Fit Club Challenge, MyFitnessPal... I'm talkin the whole 9 yards. I have recruited my sister... one of those bitches that eats whatever and doesn't gain.... to do 30DS with me. Hopefully seeing my fat ass jigglin next to her will be a good motivator :) I made a calendar to hang on our fridge, but we are still thinking about what our "reward" is gonna be!! We are both taking before pictures on Sunday, right before we start! WOHOO :) 

NEW MONTH, NEW MOTIVATION!! I'm goin after it bitches!! 


PS. This weekend is girls weekend. 10 of my girlfriends from college. 2 hotel rooms. FREE open bar happy hour from 5-7 at our hotel.  Shit is about to get out of control... be ready for some White Girl Wasted pictures!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Bad news bears today...

 Sucks ass, but I was expecting it. BUT, riddle me this.... I gained 4 pounds but I could not keep my pants up today! They were literally so big that I could slide them all the way down without unbuttoning/unzipping them. And, I just washed them... I didn't even have to do the awkward jump dance to loosen them up....

Anywho, I saw today that there is going to be a Mama Laughlin Fit Camp 30 Day Shred Challenge. I get paid Friday, so I am thinking the time has come to finally make Jillian my bitch. I have been saying I was going to do the 30DS, but hopefully now with the Fit Camp Challenge, I can force myself to actually do the damn thang!!

Before pics coming to a screen near you soon... beware you might need protective eye gear!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of these days I will be on time...

Hey! Yes, its almost Weigh In Wednesday, and I missed the last one! YIKES!! But, I have been reading another blog by a Mama Laughlin Fit Club member... it is like crack and I am addicted!!  So, last week's number...

So, that is another loss! WOHOO!! I am still reallllllly sucking at getting my workouts in... terrible, I know. I need some motivation... I have NO willpower right now! 

In other news, I saw Kris this weekend. We got together to have a talk about things, and it went pretty good. I went to a 50th birthday party with him and also went to his cousin's bridal shower with his mom and sisters! It was so good to see everyone! I have really missed them... especially all my little nieces and nephews!! So, naturally I took a million pictures and played with them all weekend! Sunday, I took turns carrying them on my shoulders and chasing the other ones! It was a serious workout!! Kayboo will be 5 in January and J-man will be 3 in December! Here's some pics from my weekend :)  
At the party! Kayboo and Kenz
Kenz and Michael
Me and Kenz

Ignore the crazy hair... it was after I ran around with the kids for hours!! :) 

Kisses from Kayboo and J-man!

Love my little buddy!!

So, there you have it! Lots of pictures! I particularly like the picture of me and Kenz because you can only see a couple of my 87 chins! 

I have a terrible feeling that tomorrow's weigh in is going to SUCK ass!! 

Til tomorrow! XOXO 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This has nothing to do with weight loss!

Okay y'all, this is not gonna be like my typical posts.
I am freakin strugglin over here!! Yes, getting back on the wagon with my eating and workouts. BIG time. But it all boils down to the same thing. This whole breakup thing is impossible. I really have no clue how people survive breakups. Its been almost 6 weeks and I still feel like I am fighting back the tears every single day. Our breakup has nothing to do with how I feel about him. It has everything to do with his actions the past few months. I am career-driven. I work my ass off every week... 40 hours at the hospital, 20ish hours at the jewelry store job (my only PAYING! job!) plus my online classes. I am working my ass off so that when I graduate (9 MONTHS!!) I can be independent and not rely on my parents anymore. I feel like Kris is very content in his life right now. He is happy taking a few classes, living with his parents still and going out with his friends all the time. It is just extremely frustrating to me. I want him to grow up so that when I move back home in 9 months, we can move forward in our relationship. How am I supposed to get over someone that I am still so in love with? I cannot imagine ever dating another guy. But at the same time, I feel like I deserve to be happy. And I wasn't happy in our relationship anymore. I know that I can want him to change, but he needs to want to change for himself. And right now, I really don't think he wants that.

Now that I am done venting, I hope you all are having a great weekend!! I need to get back on the wagon! I can't be happy with anyone else until I am happy with myself :) So looking awesome is on the top of my list right now! I need to recommit to a healthy lifestyle!!!  I CAN DO THIS!!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey y'all!
I FINALLY got the scales moving this week!! Drum Roll Please.....
So, not much of a loss, but it feels pretty good because it seems like I have been stuck at 179 forever!! I am finally settling into a routine of working all day and getting to bed early! Now, I just have to force myself to get my workouts in when I get home from work!! I usually leave around 6:45 am and don't get home til about 5:45 pm, so its a looooong day, and when I get home, I just want to eat dinner and relax!! I keep saying I am going to do the 30 Day Shred by Jillian, but I haven't started yet! That is terrible, I know!! Hopefully I can squeeze here in this week!! 
 I also have been in a shitty mood all week because I was violently attacked by chiggers at the lake this weekend!! I counted, and I have 26 bites from my knees down! And they are bright red and itch like a SOB!  I bought really cute capris for work, but I have been afraid to wear them because I don't want someone to see my legs and think I have some nasty disease! I put some clear nail polish on them tonight, so hopefully that helps!!

Hope you all are having a GREAT week! I am going to promise to update you all on how Jillian is kicking my butt... hold me accountable to it!!! :) 


Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hey y'all!
I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!! I had to work Sat/Sun but I was off today! I went down to my parents' cabin Sunday after work! We had dinner and did a little fishin' last night and this morning!  Here is a few pics!

First Fish... TINY!
BIGGEST FISH! 17 inch bullhead catfish!
He was ready for his close-up!

One last pic before we throw him back!

 So, there you have it! And don't judge my appearance... it was early and raining!!

That is how I spent my Labor Day... what about you?


Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Late...AGAIN!

Hey y'all! Sorry for being late... AGAIN. I have had a bit of a rough week! I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and she changed my migraine medication and weened me off my previous medication. I have not been feeling well at all! I feel like I am going through withdrawal from my previous prescription! And, I have had blood sugar problems all my life (hypoglycemia) and since I have been at the hospital, I have a more strict (stricter??) schedule, and can't eat whenever I want, so it has been messing with my blood sugar! But, I finally wised up and left a bag of M&Ms in my desk for a quick fix!

ANYWAYSSSSSS..... the number.....
AGAIN. Somethings gotta give!! Now that I am into a routine at the hospital, and my sleep schedule is adjusted, I finally will be able to start going back to the gym!! And, the gym is ALWAYS crowded at the beginning of the school year, but then it starts to drop off, so I am hoping that it won't be so crowded now!!
I will post again this weekend to tell you all about my experience at the hospital so far!! :) And I will try to remember to take a picture in my lab coat, so you can see that I am official :)
Have a great weekend!! :) I get Monday off, so it will be a nice LONG weekend for me!! Too bad I have to work at my other job Saturday and Sunday :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey Y'all...
First things first... the number...
So, that means I stay the same!!  And, I must say that I am actually really happy with that!! I have eaten like CRAP so far this week! I did go to a cardio kickboxing class! It was actually really fun, and I feel like I got a good workout!
 School has officially started, but I am doing an internship this semester at the VA hospital! I started yesterday, and I LOVE it!! I am totally NOT used to getting up at 5:30 every day! But, I am getting used to it, and getting used to being on my feet all day! My goal this weekend is to get some new shoes!! I need something more comfortable!! Here is my outfit for my first day :)
I am struggling to get my workouts in so far this week! I am trying to adjust to getting up early and working all day!! Hopefully once I get into the swing of things, my body will adapt, and I will be able to get more workouts in!! Until then, I REALLY need to focus on what I am eating!! If any of you are friends with me on My Fitness Pal, kick my butt PLEASE!!!