Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hey y'all!
I have been at my parents' house for the holidays and left my computer at my house! BUT, I'm back bitches!! I know you all have been wondering where the hell my lazy ass has been!!

  • Current Weight: 171.6
  • I SUCKED ass the month of December!
  • Motto for 2013: NEW YEAR, NEW ME!
  • 13 in 2013: I've decided I am going to do 13 races/runs in 2013!
  • I cut all my hair off and dyed it brown (pics to come!) 
  • Kris and I are back together :) and happier than ever!! 
Okay, there is the quick and dirty version... Now here's the details!

Lesssssbeeehonesttttt.... I tried and tried in 2012 and FAILED every time. 30 Day Shred challenge... FAIL. No pop... FAIL. December plank/squat challenge... FAIL.  SO, 2013- NEW YEAR, NEW ME! I AM going to kick ass this year. It's happening!!!!!!!!!!!!
So far, I have had NO pop, done 4 days of the 30 Day Shred on top of going to the gym/running! I have logged EVERYTHING into myfitnesspal and I AM going to continue it!! And, I am going to write at least weekly to all you lovely readers :)

13 in 2013- I'm still working on compiling a list... but it will include the half marathon I already signed up for, and I'm doing the Flying Pig Marathon as a relay with 3 other people! I will post the races/runs when I finalize my list! 

HAIR- yes, I cut it all off and dyed it brown... what's the big deal? Haha!

KRIS- Yes, me and the crazy kid are back together... after a lot of conversations, we made a decision to start over. I feel like we are in a totally different relationship (instead of the relationSHIT we were in!) now and it is AWESOME! We have a new little routine (his idea, not mine!) that we give each other a compliment/say something we love about the other person every morning and every night! He can be a jackass, but that is a pretty damn sweet idea :)

Now, here's a million pictures to catch you up on my life the past month!!

Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

brunette debut

Happy New Year!

Totally sober NYE! ;)

Before 30 DS

Before 30 DS


  1. I have the biggest crush on you Lindsay!! you are off to a great start for 2013, so happy for you :) mwah love kate mc from mlfc x

  2. Don't worry about dwelling on the pat! Focus on the present to achieve those future goals! You can do it!!! Love the new do!!!

  3. I love the brown hair, and I'm happy you're happy! ALSO--- you can totally do 2013! December is rough for everybody, for sure, but with determination we will all come back from it lol. Keep up the good work!