Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reality Check

Hey Y'all!

First thing...
That means a .6 loss for the week! I WILL TAKE IT!!!

Second thing...
I've been doing pretty good this week... I've been drinking at least 80 oz of water (most of the time I have been closer to 100!), eating within my calories (for the most part) and trying to get my workouts in! I officially moved back to school this past week (for the LAST time EVER!!) so its been a little hectic with packing/unpacking and working! And, everyone wanted to see me before I left for school, so that means a lot of eating out! But, I really tried to plan my calories for the day if I knew I was going out for dinner! Workouts consisted of running, 30 DS and elliptical. Like I said, I didn't get to workout as much as I wanted to, but with work and moving, I was limited on time!

Reality Check...
It is time to be 100% honest. Since I was a runner in high school (cross country and track), I really thought that I would be able to pick up this whole running thing a lot easier. I still have EVERY intention of running my half marathon March 17th, but I am making more realistic goals for myself. Running the whole thing at a 10 min/mile pace is not realistic. I am going to just do my best, even if that means taking little walking breaks. I will still be so PROUD of myself when I finish, because I know that I will have accomplished something that millions of people wouldn't even dare to attempt. I am going to enjoy it and have fun, instead of stressing about my pace. The longer it takes me, the more time I will have to HAVE FUN!! I am not running it to be competitive or get the best time for my age group. I am running it because I want to push myself farther than I ever thought possible! So, if I don't get a stellar time, I am going to be just fine with that! I am going to HAVE fun!! That is what it is all about anyways right? Not everything has to be a competition!!

And here are some pictures from the past week!! :) 

1.83 miles- first time running outside in FOREVER!

3.91 miles- struggled a little on mile 3!

Bought this calendar for $3.70! It has a lot of great tips!

It is not about crash diets, it is about changing your lifestyle!


  1. Hi, stopping by from MLFC.

    Just wondering where you found the calendar for such a great price?

    1. Hi Becca! Thanks for reading! I got it at a kiosk in a mall called Go! Calendars. They had everything 75% off!

  2. WTG!! I think it's hard not to make expectations for ourselves to run a certain time or whatever. Just getting out there is better than I used to do!