Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Fesitvities

Ohhhh ladies! This was a WILD weekend! As you know, I am in grad school at the same place that I did my undergrad... yep on year 6 in the same small town. Homecoming was this weekend, which means everyone and their brother was in town. And of course that means all my friends (that have actually moved on with their lives) were in town. I didn't work out, I ate like shit, and I drank like a 70 year old alcoholic. Like an entire fifth. To myself. In like 5 hours. We started around 11 and I was pretty much dead at about 4:30. The game plan was to go tailgate then nap and then make it out to the bars. One of the six of us made it. We are getting old. But, we had a HELL of a time!!

So, after the shitshow this weekend, I was expecting to step on the scale this morning and see a 5+ lb gain. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...... 3 pound LOSS! HELL YES!

I am getting back on the wagon this week. My Fitness Pal and JM all week. I'm ready!!

Here's a few pics from my drunken weekend!!

Future bridesmaids... if I don't turn into the crazy cat lady!!

DZ pledge sisters

Most of the ladies!


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