Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letters to Myself

I have seen this on a few other blogs, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I am probably way late to the party, but better late than never!

Dear high school me,
You don't have to be part of the popular crowd to have fun. You are gonna make some pretty great friends! Don't feel like you need to compromise yourself for friends. I know you are stressing already, but take a chill pill! ENJOY high school! Life is about more than just school and good grades! Have some fun! And listen to your cross country coach... I know you won't want to run on Sundays, but go for a short run... just get those legs moving! Don't worry about your basketball coach. He's a douche bag. BUT, when you get to start for Senior Night, TAKE THAT FIRST SHOT OF THE GAME!! You're gonna hit a 3 and everyone is going to be so freaking excited for you! And, its your last game that you will get to play in, so take advantage of it, and give those coaches the evil eye... they deserve it!! Break up with that boyfriend before Senior Trip... he's gonna make you miserable all week, and break up with you after you get back, so its not worth it!!
Love, 24 year old me

Dear college freshman me,
I know that stupid 6 hour honors class makes you want to cry, but you're gonna do fine and get an A! Relax and just do your best! And, spend more time with your roommate... she is a sweetheart and will help you through A LOT the next 2 years!! Go ahead and join that sorority... you are gonna make some REALLY amazing friends!! Keep running! You know you love to hate it, and it clears your head!!  PLEASE do not go out that Sunday night. I know there is no class Monday for MLK day, but STAY HOME. TERRIBLE things are going to happen to you and you will NEVER be the same. Just trust me!! And, in case you do not listen to me, and go out anyways, you need to go the hospital and police station that night. Stand up for yourself. You are a victim, but YOU have the strength to overcome anything!! Your family and friends are going to carry you through the next few months, so don't worry, you ARE going to be okay!!
When that cute guy from work asks you to go out downtown, shock the hell out of him and say YES! You will have an AMAZING time and fall in love. I wish I could tell you how that ends, but it gets really rocky for a while. But, you are strong!!
24 year old me

Dear college junior me,
I know how much school sucks right now. It is pretty much kicking your ass. BUT, remember to go out and have fun! You are WAY too hard on yourself!! You will get close with a group of classmates... stay with them and you will do great!
You are still with that cute guy from work, but remember to have your own life too! You don't need to go home every weekend to see him! Stay in touch with all your sorority sisters... you are going to need them in a few years!! Keep on keepin' on girlfriend! You will do great in school, just stay on top of it! And, I know you noticed that you have gained quite a few pounds, so get your butt to the gym before you totally spiral out of control! Even if its just a few days a week!! And, stop drinking so much Sunkist! It has the same amount of sugar as 17 cookies! NOT GOOD!! Stay close with your parents and sister! They are awesome and will always be there for you!!
24 year old me


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