Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm going CRAZY

Hey y'all...
I'm gonna be honest. I am BORED out of my freaking mind! We had a snow day yesterday, and I got called off work due to the weather, so I have been stuck inside my apartment for 48 hours! I have spent some time cleaning and doing homework, but I am going stir crazy! My cable is acting a fool, and keeps freezing, so I can't even watch TV!

So, what else have I done? Check the MLFC page, of course! And, I read about Jillian's podcasts. So, I decided to take a listen... and I am HOOKED!! I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels (don't we all?) because of her DVDs and The Biggest Loser, but I am seeing (read: hearing) a WHOLE new side of JM! I have been listening to them as I do dishes, clean, and scroll through Facebook. She is actually pretty funny! A lot of the MLFC girls listen to the podcasts as they run or workout, and I think I would get so distracted listening, that I would forget that I was even working out!

Just wanted to share my new discovery! Have a great weekend!!

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