Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh In Friday and Weekend Recap!

Hey y'all!
I know I didn't post for Weigh In Friday, but I was waiting until today so I could update you on how my first race went!!

First- Weigh In Friday!  I lost .8 pounds this week! Current weight is 165.6! That is a total of 33.4ish pounds since I have started! 

Now, if you remember, I have decided to do 13 races in 2013... and I am almost done finalizing my list! I will post it soon! But, today was my first race! It was a 2 mile run, a little hilly and SUPER freaking windy! Haha! It was actually 2.12 miles (they lied!) and my finishing time was 21:27! (My precious boyfriend recorded my finish! I am wearing black capris and a pink shirt! And yes, I know that the time says like 21:35, but there was a lot of people and I waited to start my watch when I actually crossed the start line! You can see me starting around 12 seconds!)  And I am SO freaking proud of that!! That is a 10:15 mile pace! WHAT?! My fastest before was around 11:00 so I am very happy with that time! :) My first mile was actually about 9:56! The 2nd mile was a little more uphill, so I was a little slower! But, I am SO excited, proud and happy!! It makes me want to run harder! "Official" results aren't posted yet, but I will definitely update you when I know!

When I registered for my half, I got a coupon for $10 off at a local running store! Since I had a rough week last week (if you are a MLFCer, then you know, but if not, here's the short version- Monday I had some knee pain while running, so I did yoga Tuesday and took the rest of the week off to rest and hopefully get rid of some pain before I ran today!), I decided it was time to invest in some new running shoes and actually get fitted for real, so I did! I am the PROUD new owners of some light blue Brooks Ghost 5s! (And, I got a sample size of body glide while I was there, my armband for my iphone has been rubbing a little, gonna see if that helps!)

So, overall, it was a good week, despite the knee pain! I lost .8 pounds, KICKED ASS at my race, and got new running shoes! Oh, and I sent in an application/resume for my very first big girl job!!!

pre race, distance, time and post race
Who ends a race uphill? I mean seriously?!
I earned this shirt!

New Brooks Ghost 5s! And BodyGlide!
Application/Resume- this shit is official!!

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