Monday, July 9, 2012

Blonde Moment

So, I have definitely had my fair share of blonde moments, and I have said some pretty stupid things.... but what I did today was pretty dumb!
As I am making a snack (little cheese bites), I look at the nutrition label and I read that a serving size is 13, and the calories in one serving is 130. Okay, so each piece is 10 calories. So, I put about 20 on a plate, thinking it was about 200 calories and pop them in the microwave. As they are cooking, I grab my phone to enter it into the My Fitness Pal app to add to my diary for the day. And what do I see? "Serving Size: 4 pieces" What the hell?! So I get the bag out and realize how blonde I really am. "Serving Size: 4 pieces" "Servings per bag: 13" DUHHHHH Lindsay!!! So, instead of 200 calories, I had made a snack that was 650 calories!! Almost half of my calories per day!!

So, a word of advice, make sure you read the nutrition labels carefully, or else you might be eating over 3 times the amount of calories you thought!!

I am gonna have to be VERY good the rest of the week and really hit the gym hard!!


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