Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday...

Hey Y'all...
Bad News Bears this week... I have been totally MIA because I have been sick as a dog!!! I am pretty sure I only have one lung left because I coughed up the other one. Honestly I have just felt like SHIT for about 10 days! :( So, I did not have a successful Weigh In Today...
That SUCKS. That is a GAIN of 3 pounds. But, I kind of expected it. I turn into the biggest baby when I am sick, and I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want all week.

As you know, I LOVE Mama Laughlin! Her blog is AWESOME... check it out ~HERE~ and prepare to laugh your ass off and get super motivated!!!
I read today that she is starting a Facebook group! WOHOO! You can check that out ~HERE~  if you are interested!!!

I am hoping to kick this sickness soon, so I can get back to kickin some ass in the gym!!

I promise I won't be so MIA this week!!! GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Following you from Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp. Cant wait to follow your journey. You can follow me back at