Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend!!

Hey Y'all! 
I promised pics from the wedding this weekend! I was SOOO excited but sooooo bummed at the same time!! I bought a gorgeous dress that I planned on wearing, and it was TOO big!!! Heck yes!!! But, then I had to search my closet for plan B!! I had a dress I bought a while ago that was too small... it would NOT zip! But, I tried it on and BAM! It zipped right up with no problem!! But, I didn't have any shoes to match because I planned on wearing my new dress!! So, I settled for a dress that I wore a couple weeks ago to another wedding, and it also zipped up without any problems! It was a little bit looser than the last time I wore it :) Anyways, here are the pics I promised!!!

My beautiful sister!!

The boyfriend

Momma and her girls :)

My cute little family!!
So, there you go!! I guess that is it for today... stay tuned for Weigh In Wednesday!! I am hoping that I get into the 170's!! :)

Have a good week!!

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