Friday, September 28, 2012

Weigh In and CHALLENGE!!

Yes, it's Friday. I know. Y'all should know by now that being on time is not really my thing :)

So, not a loss, but not a gain. Ehh..... I guess I'll take it. 

Starting Monday, October 1, I am getting my ass back in gear. FOR REAL this time. 30 Day Shred Mama Fit Club Challenge, MyFitnessPal... I'm talkin the whole 9 yards. I have recruited my sister... one of those bitches that eats whatever and doesn't gain.... to do 30DS with me. Hopefully seeing my fat ass jigglin next to her will be a good motivator :) I made a calendar to hang on our fridge, but we are still thinking about what our "reward" is gonna be!! We are both taking before pictures on Sunday, right before we start! WOHOO :) 

NEW MONTH, NEW MOTIVATION!! I'm goin after it bitches!! 


PS. This weekend is girls weekend. 10 of my girlfriends from college. 2 hotel rooms. FREE open bar happy hour from 5-7 at our hotel.  Shit is about to get out of control... be ready for some White Girl Wasted pictures!! 

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