Friday, May 25, 2012

Boot Camp...

Hey Y'all!
I went to boot camp this week... and it was pretty intense!! It is an hour long, which seems like 87 hours, but after we are finished, I always feel really good and like I kicked some ass! We usually have the same format... 10 minutes of warm up, two 4 station circuits and then a "challenge" before we cool down and stretch. Our "challenge" this week was INSANE! We had 20 minutes to complete the whole thing... 45 reps of 6 different activities...
1. Burpees (I HATE burpees!!)
2. Kettlebell Swings
3. Sit ups
4. Wall Balls (Squat with a 10 pound med ball and then throw the ball up against the wall as you stand up and then return to the squat position as you catch the ball)
5. Box Jumps (Jump up and down on a platform)
6. Toe to Bars (Hang on the pull up bar and then use your ab muscles to pull your legs up so your toes touch the bar)

ALL of these 45 times and this was AFTER we did all out weight lighting and exercising for the regular workout! WHEW! I was sooooooo tired after all that! But I felt pretty awesome when we were done!!

Just wanted to check in and tell you all that I survived my boot camp workout!! :)
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

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