Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday!

Hey All,
I have lost another pound this week! Wohoo! Just four more weeks til my trip to Arizona, so I just have to keep working hard!! Here is a picture from a wedding I just went with... I am with my best friend, Marie! We were sorority sisters in college and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding! She lives 10 hours away now, so I haven't seen her in 6 months!

Sorry it is so dark... I took it with my cell phone!
I am the QUEEN of mac and cheese. I love it. All kinds!! So, when I saw that Wendy's has a new side of mac and cheese, I just had to try it! And, I must say, it is pretty darn good!! It is REALLY cheesy!! The portion size is fairly small, and its 370 calories, so I had to plan accordingly today, but it was well worth it! I recommend giving it a try if you are a mac and cheese lover like me!!

I also completed my last final today!! That means it is officially summer time for me :) Until my summer classes start May 15th... I only have about 2 weeks, but it is a much needed time away from school, homework and reading! I think I am going to read "50 Shades of Gray" over my next two weeks... I have heard a lot about it... so I want to see what all the buzz is about!!

Until then, I am gonna focus on getting some really good workouts in!! Elliptical today, 20/20/20 tomorrow and running/weight lifting on Friday!! What's your workout plan like for the rest of the week?


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