Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA!

Hey y'all! Sorry I have been soooooo MIA!! It's been a crazy week!! My sis graduated from college, I moved to a new apartment, and I babysat my 8 month old niece the past two days!! It has been crazy busy!!

I have been doing TERRIBLE at my calorie counting... we've gone out to eat a couple times, and when I was watching my niece, I ate whatever I could in the 5 seconds I had!! She is so freaking adorable!! And since I live about 2 hours away, I just love getting to see her whenever I can!! Here is a few pics of my little cutie!
Lunch Time! Green Beans and Peach Puffs!

Play Time!
She just melts my heart!!

Okay, I went to bootcamp with my sister in law.. (cutie's mommy!) and WOWWWW! It kicked my booty! Two days later, and I am still sore and can barely walk! But, it hurts sooooo good! Haha! We did a lot of weight lifting, lunges and pushups! My arms feel okay, but its my legs and booty that are killing me! Sitting down to pee takes like 5 minutes as I slowly lower myself down!! I plan on going next week too... it will probably take me the whole week to recover and be able to walk again!!

As I said before, I have been doing a terrible job on counting my calories for like a whole week! No bueno!! But, the only thing I can do now, is get back on track tomorrow, and push myself in my workouts!! I signed up to do Color Me Rad, which is a 5k, so I have about 3 months to get myself back in shape to run outside! I also decided I am going to do a half marathon! I haven't decided when and which one, but I have decided to do one! WOHOO!!

If you are interested in reading more about Color Me Rad, check it out HERE! 

I know I missed Weigh In Wednesday, but I promise I will tomorrow, and post a new picture from my sister's graduation!!


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