Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been SO stressed with school, that I needed to have a little fun this weekend! I was a good girl on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and did LOTS of homework and reading, so Saturday night I could have fun!! Kris had a softball tournament, so I spent a few hours at the softball field, which I actually love! I feel like a proud parent when I watch Kris play! The other wives/girlfriends go to socialize, but I get really into the games! After the game, Kris and I went to b-dubs, just the two of us, and sat outside on the patio! It was really great to spend some time with him! I go to school 2 hours away, and I have been so busy so I haven't gotten to talk to him much lately! Then, Sunday, we had some family over to grill out! My grandma found some really old pictures, so it was fun to look through them!
I didn't get a workout in this weekend, but I am okay with it! Sometimes you just need a break from all aspects of life, for your sanity! I feel very refreshed and ready to begin another week!! Here is a pic from my little date night with Kris!
And here is a throwback for Father's Day!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!!


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