Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grad School is NO fun!

Hey all,
I know I have been complaining about speech camp, but this is the last week! Only 2 more days until I get to go back to having a life!! I am so excited! And, I am off from work and school Sunday thru Wednesday, so I get to go home and spend a little time with the family! My sister will be gone for a couple days... she is going to visit her military boyfriend in NC, and I have NO plans except to lay out by the pool and relax!! Okay, and get a shit ton of homework done because that NEVER ends!!

This past weekend was pretty busy for me! I had 2 birthday parties and a house warming party! One of my little nephews turned 1! He was so cute! Here is a pic of Kris and my little man Rylan! And one of me and Ry!

He is such a happy little guy! And always smiling!!

Even with all the parties, I did a good job with planning ahead and staying in control of my calories! I think it is so hard to do that at parties! Especially when there are lots of yummy finger foods! But, I was pretty proud of myself :)

Stayed tuned for Weigh In Wednesday Tomorrow!!!


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